Thursday, February 16, 2017


I remember…
Waking up from a long sleep
lying on the black and red leather seat of the bus
as we made our way to Hamilton to see my grandparents. waking up with the sun being as bright as it could be, shining on my face through the tinted window.
I got up to look outside the window, watching the shady trees and  dark green bushes fly by as we made our way along the black tar road.
That was my summer.
We have been learning to notice and use structure in our writing and we have done a piece of writing,
we started by stating what we were doing
Than we had to explain what was happening
The third line described what I did
Than why I did it.
What I think I did well was describing what was happening I could improve on my structure

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  1. Kon'nichiwa Noah!
    My names Shakanna im in Totara 2 at Grey Main.
    I really like this piece of writing because you're using structure in your writing, and you're also explaining on whats happening, it makes it seem so real!

    Have a nice day~