Wednesday, April 12, 2017

My animation

The Cat in the Bag

Natsu was walking down the street, as he passed the market stands built up along the brick road, looking for his cat, named Happy. As he was walking in between the crowds that huddled by the stands, off to both sides of the street he saw something strange going  on in the alley, in between to large inns, as he moved closer he saw two men with clothing as black as the night sky.

Natsu got even closer to find they were holding a bag as the other one was putting the cat inside the bag.
“Hey you… give me back my cat!” Natsu yelled to the shady men, who ran off into the dark dingy alley and Natsu followed behind.

The  swift duo had almost escaped but then Fwosh. The duo had been surrounded by a circle of fire.
Natsu walked up through the fire  without a scratch he grabbed the bag from one of the men and looked inside to find his pet cat, Happy. Not too long later the two men were  in prison.
The End

For the last week of the term we started an animation about our narrative stories, I was working on speech marks when writing this story and I think I could continue working on speech marks.

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