Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Should Plastic Bags be Used in Supermarkets

2 weeks ago Te Ngahere wrote a persuasive piece of writing about should plastic bags be used in supermarkets.  The Walt was to use a persuasive structure these are my reasons.

Should plastic bags be used in supermarkets

Plastic bags, they are really useful at the supermarket they help you carry your groceries from the car to the house when you get home but they aren’t good for the environment, and buying more plastic bags aren't going to help it.

Plastic bags don’t break down like food this is because the plastic bags are photodegradable meaning they break down into smaller pieces because of the sun.
This process of breaking down releases toxic gases into the air and creates a larger hole in the ozone layer which is bad because it makes earth a giant greenhouse by trapping the heat inside the atmosphere melting the icebergs which not only leaves the polar bears and penguins homeless but will also flood major low lying cities like  parts of New york and London and many more others due to the rising sea levels.

They use up natural resources like oil, gas or coal which, these fossil fuels are quite valuable as they a becoming more rare by the day not to mention it takes millions of years to form naturally.  According to the Wall Street Journal America uses  100 billion plastic shopping bags a year and is estimated that it takes 12 million barrels to make that many plastic bags yet how do we repay nature, we just leave things that aren’t good for the environment lying around to pollute and to let animals to choke on them.

Cloth bags are what supermarkets in New Zealand are switching to in order to help the environment before it's too late, but why switch to cloth bags. Cloth bags can not only be helpful but can also be reusable, and recycled. Unlike plastic bags cloth bags don’t release bad toxins into the air which in turn won’t melt the icebergs and won’t make a bigger hole in the ozone layer.

Those are my reasons as to why I think super markets should use cloth bags instead of plastic bags.

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