Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The tangelo


The tangelo was a bright orange with a bit of green stump at the top with some black stuff surrounding it, It was the shape of an orange yet as small as a mandarin that's why I think it's just that a mandarin.
When I was peeling off the dark orange skin it sounded a bit crispy like an apple but the skin was so soft, the inside again looked like a mandarin It even had a white layer of pith as if it were protecting the orange insides like a cage of paper, The smell was very sweet and I got a bit excited and everyone took out a segment of the tangelo and took a bite from it the flavor was sweet, sour but not salty, it's juice sprayed all over my mouth and on my fingers it was super sticky some kids and I went to wash our hands it was that sticky.
and that was my tangelo experience.

My class and I have been working on noticing and describing and we did a piece of writing about describing what a tangelo smells like and looks like and I think I definitely could have done better with descriptive language.

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