Thursday, October 13, 2016

How to sneak food and drinks into your room.

So you have a friend to stay and you want to play games in your room all night and you want to have food with you but you aren’t allowed to have food in your room, Well this might be able to help you sneak food into your room.

How to distract.
(For your friend)

You will need:
-7 knock knock jokes
-3 clever puns
-10 funny jokes
(or at least as much as you need)
Step 1.
Get everyone into the same room while you're friend gets the food and drinks.

Step 2.
Keep telling everyone's jokes and puns until your friend to comes to get you.

Step 3.
Check behind you to make sure no one is following behind you back to the room so no one will see you eating and drinking so ENJOY!

How to sneak food and drinks into your room

You will need:
-Two empty bottles (any kind)
-A friend
-A place to hide them
-A plastic bag (for candy)
-Food and drinks (obviously)
-A funnel

Step 1.
You will need to get your empty bottle and plastic bag and wait by the kitchen or wherever you keep all your food.

Step 2.
Get your friend to distract everyone in a different part of the house so no one will see you sneak the food and drinks.

Step 3.
Pull out the plastic bag
when no one is able to see you and get as much candy as you want in their. (you can do the same with food)

Step 4.
Take out the two bottles the funnel and fizzy drink put the funnel on one of the bottles and fill it up. (do the same with the second one)

Step 5.

Tell you friend that you're ready to go back to your room and if you hear anyone coming hide the food and drinks in a secret spot probably under a blanket so no one will know and now you can ENJOY!

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