Tuesday, October 11, 2016

WALT:write a piece of procedural writing to help the reader complete a certain task

How to earn extra pocket money.

Today I am going to show you how to earn extra pocket money if you want to get something that you badly want like a videogame or a new tablet and you don’t want to wait for christmas or you're birthday, I can teach you how to get enough money to buy what you want in five easy steps.

You will need:
Extra chores.
Something you want to buy.
And a cando attitude.

Step 1.
Parents permission.
Make sure that your parents are fine with you asking your neighbours if you could do their chores.

Step 2.
Over time.
Ask any family members and or neighbours if they have any work that needs to be finished.

Step 3.
Look before you leap. (metaphorically speaking)
Check with the person if they have the right equipment for the task you're doing if not then bring your own or ask if you could borrow someone else’s.

Step 4.
Negotiate payment.
Say to the person that you're doing extra work to earn more money to save up for something want and check how much you are going to get paid.(If you're getting paid of course)

Step 5.
Work hard
Make sure you work hard to impress the person so they might give you more than you expected and eventually you will have enough.

So now you should have saved up enough money so you can get what you we're waiting to get.


  1. Kia ora my son. Great ideas for getting extra money. It would be wonderful if you wanted to do chores for money at home.